Update Your Home With a New Stone Driveway

Update Your Home With a New Stone Driveway

Let's discuss your driveway paving options in Stroudsburg, PA

Give your home a rustic yet chic look by adding a stone driveway. This option for driveway paving is eco-friendly, stylish and affordable. You'll reap the benefits of a traditional asphalt driveway without paying a premium price.

If you need driveway paving for your home in Stroudsburg, PA, call Abrams Excavating now to schedule your appointment.

Restore your driveway to its original condition

When your stone driveway starts to show signs of wear, it makes entering and exiting your home a challenge. It also increases your chance of poor drainage. Address damage immediately by getting driveway repair service. We'll recompact and recoat your stone driveway to make it look as good as new.

In addition to driveway repair service, we'll also replace your blacktop driveway with stone. Call now to schedule your appointment in Stroudsburg, PA or the surrounding areas.